Panattoni Park Poznań III

Panattoni Park Poznań III

Panattoni Park Poznań III is a modern 70 304 square-meter distribution centre, which combined with the company's other projects in the area - Panattoni Park Poznań I, Panattoni Park Poznań II, Panattoni Park Robakowo, BTS Farmacol and planned Panattoni Park Poznań IV- create an enormous warehouse platform for the Poznań market, providing in excess of 381 700 m² of industrial space. 

Panattoni Park Poznań III comprises four warehouse buildings. The building design of Panattoni Park Poznań III offers advanced technical solutions, ensuring top-quality warehouse space (class A), functionality and flexibility in defining lease units. The company provides tenants with comprehensive facility management, from tailor-made plans adapted to the customer's needs, through development, to the maintenance of existing facilities. The park is equipped with  receiving docks,drive-ins from the ground floor, and additional  parking spaces.   

Available space
3 171 sqm
Existing area
70 304 sqm
Total planned area
70 304 sqm

Regional Accessibility

Panattoni Park Poznań III
ul. Składowa 1

The park is situated along the S11 national expressway, 800m in a straight line from the intersection of the roads A2, E30, S11. The project is located 12 km from the centre of Poznań. Thanks to the close proximity of the city and extensive public transportation infrastructure, the facility's location makes for easy access to a qualified labour pool. 

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