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Panattoni Development Europe Sp z o.o. (hereinafter: Panattoni Europe) respects the privacy of all the people visiting our website. This "Privacy policy" stipulates what information may be collected and how we can use it. By accessing and using the internet service of Panattoni Europe, you are granting unlimited and unrestricted consent to this policy. 

Personal data / User-provided information 
All of the User's personal data, provided to Panattoni Europe via its website, will be used by Panattoni Europe to improve the quality of services provided to the User. Panattoni Europe will make every effort to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data collected, transmitted and stored under the applicable regulations. 

The correspondence sent to Panattoni Europe from this web page or via email, is transmitted as correspondence without any attributes of privacy or confidentiality. Panattoni Europe reserves full rights to use the contents of any correspondence transmitted electronically, including the right to use the presented ideas or concepts, methods and knowledge contained in the correspondence for any purpose, also including development, creation and/or marketing of products and services. 

By accessing and using the web pages of Panattoni Europe, the User is expressing voluntary consent for their personal data to be processed in databases for marketing purposes and to be forwarded to companies providing marketing services for Panattoni Europe. The User is aware of their right to access the data, correct, withhold, process or delete them. The permission for processing personal data is required under the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (Journal of Laws No 133, item 838 as amended). 

In compliance with statutory provisions, Panattoni Europe guarantees that it will not sell or disclose the collected personal data to third parties which are not part of Panattoni Europe nor are its direct partners. At any time, the User may contact Panattoni Europe for information how their personal data are being used. The User may request that such information be removed from the documentation of Panattoni Europe in whole or in part: 

You can contact us at this address: 

Panattoni Europe

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Tel: (022) 540 71 71 
Fax: (022) 540 71 70 
Email: [email protected]

Use of cookies 
Panattoni Europe uses the cookie technology to determine the path which led the user to the Panattoni Europe website, and in this way register the activity of visitors, evaluate the page and make it better, more suited to the individual preferences and interests of Users. Please note that the User may change the settings of their browser in such a way that it blocks cookies or warns prior to storing one. To find out more about such functionalities, please refer to the instruction manual or the help screen of your internet browser. 

Content of internet pages 
Panattoni Europe, despite all efforts to ensure the reliability of information included in this website, assumes no responsibility for the information being up-to-date, genuine, complete and accurate. Panattoni Europe does not extend any guarantees, nor is it liable for the contents of any other webpage(s) linked to the Panattoni Europe website via hyperlinks. The use of web pages linked to the Panattoni Europe website takes place at the User's risk. 
The information included in the Panattoni Europe website may be modified without any restrictions and without prior notice to the Users. 

Copyright and registered trademarks 
The presented materials and the entire content of the Panattoni Europe website are protected by the intellectual property rights. Unless otherwise stated, the information, texts, illustrations and drawings contained therein may only be used for non-commercial, personal use and apart from viewing may not be reproduced, modified, transferred, sold or published for any purpose, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of Panattoni Europe. 

Any names, logos, marks and slogans presented on the webpage are the property of Panattoni Europe or other pages. The use, regular copying to your own computer, duplicating and any forms of distributing those marks without the written consent of Panattoni Europe or potential third parties, are forbidden. 

General principles 
Panattoni Europe reserves the right to change the principles contained herein at any time by republishing this Policy, whenever the company's interest so requires. We encourage all Users to visit this page to learn about the principles of this Privacy Policy.