City Logistics Wrocław I

City Logistics Wrocław I

City Logistics Wrocław I is Panattoni's new investment near the Wrocław Motorway Bypass. The blueprints of City Logistics Wrocław I provide for the development of six warehouse buildings totalling close to 100,000 sqm. The architectural design of the park can be flexibly adapted to occupier needs, both in terms of the technical specs and the individual arrangements of manufacturing, warehousing, office and staff space. The park features spacious service yards and comfortable parking facilities. Apart from distribution complexes, Panattoni’s portfolio in Wrocław also includes the BTS facility for Amazon. Logistics centres gravitate towards the southern and western part of the Wrocław agglomeration, not far from the motorway junction of the A4 and A8.

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City Logistics Wrocław I

Ideal location right next to the Wrocław bypass.
City Logistics Wrocław I is situated near the intersection of the A4 and A8 motorways, which considerably facilitates logistics operations both on the national and European scale. The park lies as little as 13 km from the airport and 160 km from the German border. It is also connected to Wrocław’s public transport network.

To Wrocław city centre: 8 km
To Wrocław bypass A8: 4 km
To A5 motorway: 2 km
To Wrocław airport: 13 km

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