Panattoni Park Bielsko-Biała III

Panattoni Park Bielsko-Biała III

Panattoni Park Bielsko-Biała III is yet another of many Panattoni investments in Upper Silesia. Panattoni is also developing projects in Czeladź, Gliwice, Mysłowice, Ruda Śląska and Sosnowiec. Bielsko- Biała lies a short distance from the Czech Ostrava and Slovakian Žilina, as well as near the Silesian Metropolis and Krakow, providing ideal conditions for trade and distribution in the Central European market.

In light of the intense interest from tenants in the region, Panattoni decided to expand its portfolio in this location by adding another warehouse project featuring over 68,000 sqm. Panattoni Park Bielsko- Biała III complies with all the technical requirements of clients from various market segments and is suitable for both warehousing and light manufacturing.

K výstavbě
24 000
Stávající plocha
26 900
Celková plánovaná plocha
68 500
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Panattoni Park Bielsko-Biała III
ul. Szklana
Bielsko Biała

Bielsko-Biała’s location at the intersection of international transportation routes leading to the border with the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic contributes to the city’s dynamic growth. The park lies right on the S1 route running south-west towards Cieszyn, and northwards to Gdańsk. The ideal location near the Silesian Metropolis and Krakow guarantees access to a pool of specialised employees and attracts many international investors.

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