Panattoni Park Tychy

Panattoni Park Tychy

Panattoni Park Tychy is another distribution centre of the company to be based in Upper Silesia, a region whose potential for logistics and manufacturing operations has been recognised for years, by both domestic enterprises and foreign investors. The location of the park guarantees access to the key arteries of the region.

Panattoni Park Tychy is a class A warehouse building totalling 70,500 sqm of space, addressing the needs of clients representing various industries. Warehousing and office units can be adapted in a flexible manner to accommodate individual needs. The park is dedicated to both warehousing and light manufacturing. It features convenient service yards, ground-level gates and LED lighting. The facility meets quality criteria confirmed by BREEAM certification.

The well-developed road infrastructure of the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Area and the public transport network near the complex make it easy for employees to commute to the Panattoni facility, while the location within the limits of the Upper Silesian Metropolitan Area ensures access to qualified staff.

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Panattoni Park Tychy


Panattoni Park Tychy is 2 km away from the nationalroad DK44, which connects Upper Silesia with Cracow,
and 5 km away from the A1 motorway connecting the North and South of the country.

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