Panattoni Park Zabrze

Panattoni Park Zabrze

Zabrze is one of the most urbanised cities of the Upper Silesian Industrial Region. Its industrial character and excellent location in the vicinity of the A1 motorway contribute to the city’s highly dynamic development and attract an influx of qualified technical staff as well as competitive labour force.

Upper Silesia and Zagłębie (Dąbrowa Basin) constitute the most urbanised and industrialised region of Poland, as well as an exceptionally attractive logistics hub providing access to the Silesian Agglomeration with its population of 4.5 million and other cities of Southern Poland, including Krakow. The fast growing network of modern roads and motorways and the proximity of national borders are advantages that draw in investors, who keep investing and developing their projects in this region.

Panattoni Park Zabrze is the developer’s first investment in this city, but one of several in Upper Silesia. The park comprises 3 modern warehouse buildings totalling more than 64,000 sqm. It features unloading docks, ground-level access entrance gates, spacious service yards and additional parking spaces.

The project is a natural addition to the developer’s portfolio in the dynamic Silesian market. The proximity of the agglomeration provides excellent access to a qualified labour pool and urban infrastructure.

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Panattoni Park Zabrze
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Between the junctions Zabrze Północ and Zabrze Zachód of the A1 motorway, near the national roads DK 78, 88 and 94. The location makes for attractive connections to the cities of Southern Poland, as well as the Czech Republic and Germany.

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