Panattoni Europe has completed the first Polish manufacturing facility for Kitron, the Norway-based provider of complex electronics for areas of expertise including defence, aviation, medical devices, automotive and telecommunications. The facility totalling in excess of 8,200 sqm was built on a 3.5-hectare site. The industrial section takes up 7,130 sqm, with 5,000 sqm of manufacturing space. The remaining 1,100 sqm are dedicated to office and staff facilities. The built-to-suit (BTS) plant has been fully tailored to the needs of Kitron’s technologies – with automated production and concepts of the fourth industrial revolution. It will manufacture components and electronic products for various industries. For this reason, the interior is more like a sleek laboratory than a typical manufacturing plant. For instance, the facility features systems for temperature and humidity control, provided by air handling units, an elaborate network of cable trays, a compressed air and vacuum system, and a dry room allowing for up to 75 °C inside. Additionally, the hall has an ESD antistatic resin flooring, which collects electric charges and carries them to ground, thus protecting the rooms from the effects of electrostatic discharges.

Celková plocha
8 200
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2 000
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5 100
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ul. Droga Kurpiowska 75
86-300, Grudziądz

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