BTS Navo Orbico

BTS Navo Orbico

Built in the BTS formula, the facility will have nearly 25,000 sqm of which slightly over 1,000 sqm has been allocated for the office. Due to stored products, the building will have increased fire resistance above 4000 MJ/sqm. To meet the investor's expectations, the net height of the hall will be increased up to 12 metres, which will provide an additional level of storage. As mentioned, part of the space will also be used as automated warehouse.

The facility will be certified in the BREAAM system at the GOOD level.

Orbico Supply company belongs to the Orbico group - a distributor of globally known brands of the FMCG sector, small household appliances or HoReCa.

Celková plocha
25 000
Skladovací prostory
24 000
Plocha kanceláří
1 000


BTS Navo Orbico


The investment will be located near DK92 at a distance of approx. 26 km from the existing Wiskitki junction on the A2 Motorway.

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