A2 Warsaw East Park

A2 Warsaw East Park

A2 East Warsaw Park is a logistics park in the east of the Warsaw market, as little as 24 km from the capital’s inner centre. The site is in the immediate vicinity of the “Stary Konik” junction, near the A2 motorway, currently under construction.

Panattoni A2 East Warsaw Park comprises three halls totalling 88,000 sqm. Class A buildings allow for flexible adaptation of manufacturing/warehousing units to satisfy the needs of customers from various business sectors. The buildings will also be BREEAMcertified with a “Very Good” rating.

The proximity of the capital city and the immediate neighbourhood of the motorway are without a doubt the key advantages of the park. The location of the new park will significantly facilitate services in eastern Warsaw and satellite towns and villages on the right bank of the Vistula.

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A2 Warsaw East Park
Stary Konik

The park is situated in Duchnów, right next to the “Stary Konik” junction, which connects the A2 motorway with DK2.

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