City Logistics Warsaw V

City Logistics Warsaw V

City Logistics Warsaw V is the next project in the innovative City Logistics formula to be delivered in Warsaw. The facility is dedicated to tenants delivering to the capital city, especially its eastern part and the city centre. The versatile and flexible space inside lends itself to adaptations to meet the needs of tenants from many different industries, particularly those offering online shopping.

The project comprises more than 11,000 sqm and is the developer’s answer to the requirements of last mile logistics. It is dedicated mainly to e-commerce order fulfilment processes, where instant delivery within the city is expected.

Both office and warehouse units within the park can be adapted in a flexible manner. The park offers convenient service yards, groundlevel gates and plenty of parking spaces. The buildings are BREEAMcertified with a “Very Good” rating.

The project is located on Chełmżyńska Street in Rembertów. A short distance from the city centre, the park makes for regular and timely deliveries to any place in and around Warsaw.

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City Logistics Warsaw V
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