Panattoni Park Wrocław Airport

Panattoni Park Wrocław Airport

Panattoni Park Wrocław Airport is yet another project in the Wrocław region. It consists of six warehouse buildings strategically located in the vicinity of the A8 motorway and the Wrocław Airport.

Together with the other Panattoni investments at full build-out the park will provide a huge supply of warehouse facilities in this part of the country. Soon, Panattoni will have almost 400 thousand square metres of modern warehouse space here.
Panattoni Park Wrocław Airport offers more than 81,000 sqm of premium warehouse space for customers from diverse business sectors.
The architectural design of the park can be flexibly adapted to tenant needs, both in terms of the technical specs and the individual arrangements of manufacturing, warehousing, office and staff space.

With its strategic location, the park enjoys excellent connections with major Polish cities, as well as the Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia, while the proximity of the Wrocław metropolitan area ensures
the availability of a qualified labour pool.

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Panattoni Park Wrocław Airport


The park lies near the “Wrocław Airport” junction on the Wrocław Motorway Bypass and not far from the “Wrocław Stadium” junction linking the WMB and national road no 94. It provides convenient access to the centre of Wrocław and its airport.

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