Panattoni has handed over a new hall in a modern complex near the Košice airport to tenants PKZ Logistics and GreenPharm.

Panattoni handed over a new hall in a modern complex near the Košice airport to tenants PKZ Logistics and GreenPharm. The second completed hall in the Panattoni Park Košice Airport complex, with almost 20,000 sqm, is aiming for the prestigious BREEAM New Construction certificate at the Excellent level and brings state-of-the-art sustainable solutions.

Demand for industrial and logistics space in South East Europe has grown significantly in recent years. Manufacturers and e-commerce companies are looking to get their products as close as possible to the end consumer. The importance of local production as well as logistics is reflected in the increased interest in industrial parks, even for companies that have not been very active in such areas before. These are primarily fast-growing manufacturing and logistics companies. The new building at Panattoni Park Košice Airport thus strategically complements the capacity of the pan-European industrial and logistics market.

PKZ Logistics is a professional Slovak logistics company founded in 1994. The eastern part of Slovakia is an important region for PKZ Logistics, where it has been actively operating for several years and where it plans to further develop thanks to new opportunities. On a warehouse area of over 3,000 m2, with the possibility of further expansion, the company is ready to provide a superior service to partners. New racking systems are currently being installed and thanks to a clear height of up to 10 metres, PKZ Logistics will be able to use the space more efficiently and at the same time optimise the processes within the warehouse operations.

GreenPharm was founded as a Slovak company for the production of nutritional supplements in 2016. After launching the production of collagen products, thanks to the high quality of the products and the great response from customers, GreenPharm has gained partners across Europe. In 2017, in addition to the domestic market, the products were shipped to Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic, in 2018 to Sweden, the UK, Croatia and in 2019 to Germany and the USA. The company produces nutritional supplements not only for athletes but also for the general public. Due to the expansion abroad, GreenPharm's production has been expanding, which led to moving to new, functional and sustainable premises. The new modern hall in Panattoni Park Košice Airport offers the company the necessary comfort and a sufficiently large production and storage area with a clear height of 10m.

"The dynamics of the market in Eastern Europe was one of the main reasons why we decided to build the logistics park in this location. In addition to its favourable geographical location, Košice has a sufficient number of available skilled workers as well as the opportunity for further development and growth. The demand for industrial parks will only increase," said Erik Ivaničko, Panattoni Director for Slovakia.

Panattoni Park Košice Airport has a strategic importance due to its proximity to Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and Russia, and supports wider geographical diversification in European logistics markets. Experts foresee increasing production in the area, which will be a driving force for economic activity in the region. It is difficult for many manufacturers to enter these markets due to the low purchasing power of the population, but from a pan-European perspective the location of the Košice hall is of strategic importance as it is close to the airport, road transport (the E58/E50 European road link from Vienna in Austria to Rostov-on-Don in Russia) and European rail links.


The hall aspires to a very high rating in the BREEAM 2016 New Construction certification according to the latest standards at the Excellent level. The international BREEAM certification guarantees environmental friendliness, a high level of energy self-sufficiency and superior working conditions for employees. Among other things, the building is built with an intelligent LED lighting system with zoning, modern low-emission gas heating systems and thermographic metering to eliminate heat loss. In addition to planting rich native vegetation, future plans include planting trees within the park itself.