Panattoni Prague Airport II

Panattoni Prague Airport II


Panattoni Prague Airport II is located on motorway D6 (Prague - Karlovy Vary - Germany), only ten minutes from the edge of Prague and not even 15 minutes from the Prague airport. Via Prague bypass highway, Pavlov is easily accessible from all key motorways - D5 to Pilsen, Munich and Bavaria; D1 to Brno; D11 to Hradec Králové and to Poland; D6 to Karlovy Vary and to Saxony and Bavaria; D7 to Chomutov and to Saxony; D3 and D4 to ČeskéBudějovice and to Austria; D8 to Ústí nad Labem, Dresden and Saxony; and D10 to Mladá Boleslav, Liberec and to Poland. Thanks to the excellent service by the public transport system, commuting even from broader surroundings is possible. 


Location and accessibility

Panattoni Prague Airport II is 11 kilometers away from the edge of Prague as well as from the center of Kladno with a population of 70,000; the Prague Václav Havel airport is only 11 kilometers away from the park. There is a railway station within a five-minute walking distance from the park with regular service to the center of Prague; there is bus stop in front of the railway station, with regular bus service between Pavlov and the surrounding municipalities.


The Panattoni Park Prague Airport II currently consist of  6 buildings in the size more than 120 000 sqm. The premises are suitable for logistics, distribution warehousing and light production. The buildings are designed, based on specific client's requests and requirements, in order to meet and adapt the available space to the highest modern standard. 


3 400 sqm in building F1 available now.

Available space
5 200 sqm
Existing area
122 467 sqm
Total planned area
140 099 sqm

Regional Accessibility

Panattoni Prague Airport II


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