Panattoni Park Ostrov - North

Panattoni Park Ostrov - North

The site offers two buildings consisting in total 121 000 sqm. The premises can be used either by a single tenant or by a number of clients and create so called "multi tenant building". The premises will be designed and constructed according to client´s specific requirements and to the highest A-class standard on the industrial market.

Panattoni Park Ostrov nad Ohří is located within the Karlovy Vary region on west part of the Czech Republic. The site lies close to the Expressway 13/E442, connecting the city of Karlovy Vary, Chomutov, Most and Teplice. The park is easily accessible from cities such as Karlovy Vary (12km) and Chomutov (40km) as well as the German borders (65km).

The educational institutions within the region create a great promise for potential clients in relation to employment prospects of skilled labor force. Qualifications are ranging from traffic and transport economics in logistics, warehouse operators to university graduates.

Available space
121 000 sqm
Existing area
0 sqm
Total planned area
121 000 sqm

Regional Accessibility

Panattoni Park Ostrov - North

Ostrov nad Ohří

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