Panattoni Park Teplice South

Panattoni Park Teplice South

The entire Panattoni Park Teplice South will be built on a reclaimed brownfield site. The project doesn’t affect any arable land. It’s interesting to note that production activities started here just a few years after the first brew of the new Pils beer was produced in Pilsen. Contamination only continued to grow here from then on.

The new industrial park may generate around 300 production jobs and almost 200 office jobs operating on three shifts, as stated in the EIA report submitted.

The completed building will offer an area of more than 30,000 square metres for state-of-the-art business activities.

The future industrial park lies southwest of Hostomice, five minutes’ drive south of Teplice along the 1/13 four-line road heading to Bílina. Traffic to and from the park will not touch the town because the park is located at an exit from the primary road.


Available space
31 644 sqm
Existing area
0 sqm
Total planned area
31 644 sqm

Regional Accessibility

Panattoni Park Teplice South

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