BTS Dachser Erlensee

BTS Dachser Erlensee

Panattoni has constructed a new logistics hall of 27,497 sqm and 1,625 sqm office area and 1,847 mezzanine as a speculative development in Erlensee, near Frankfurt am Main. This new facility is used by Dachser SE, the global logistics service provider which has its main office in Kempten. Two third of the area has been designed for use as a cold store, and as Dachser has a foodstuffs trans-shipment centre nearby it can be used for various purposes in food logistics. The completion was in July 2017.

Total area
30 970 sqm
Warehouse area
29 345 sqm
Office area
1 625 sqm

Regional Accessibility

BTS Dachser Erlensee


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