BTO Fond of Bags Euskirchen

BTO Fond of Bags Euskirchen

Panattoni built a new distribution centre for the Cologne company Fond of GmbH, specifically designed to the company’s requirements. The new logistics centre will be built on a site of approximately 66,600 m² north of Euskirchen, in the district of Großbüllesheim, in Heinrich-Barth-Straße. This location beside the L182 is only seven kilometres from the BAB 61 and offers convenient traffic connections. The building will consist of four fire compartments, each with an area of about 9,900 m², 2,300 m² of office and recreational space on the mezzanine level and 3,000 m² of warehousing space on a further mezzanine level. The Fond of GmbH company designs and markets a range of functional bags. In the new centre, EULOCO GmbH, a logistics company recently founded by the owners of Fond of, will handle the company’s own logistics activities as well as provide logistics services for other customers. Besides warehousing and order picking this will include shared services such as a photo studio, repairs and complaints management, quality control, IT services, production and 3D printing.
The project was completed in Q3 2019. 

Total area
41 462 sqm
Warehouse area
39 127 sqm
Office area
2 335 sqm

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BTO Fond of Bags Euskirchen
Heinrich-Barth-Straße 10

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