Our strengths


Panattoni Europe’s employees are known for a pro-active and flexible customer approach. We owe the company’s dynamic development to our team of experienced workers, boasting profound knowledge of the local market. Our investments are executed by experts in the field of real estate design, finance, management, as well as a solid subcontractor base.



As part of the international Panattoni Development Company, we are able to learn from global real estate markets. We have gained experience through executing projects for more than 250 clients from diverse industries, such as logistics, food, pharmaceuticals, retail, automotive, heavy and light production.  As an expert in our field, together with our business partners, we focus on raising standards in the commercial real estate market, following technological innovations and worldwide trends.



Our flexible financial structure and stable position in the industry helps us to adjust to the changes that are taking place on the market. In turn, the efficiency of our activity, prompt decisions, a network of contacts with local and foreign counterparties as well as our presence in the whole of Poland are assets that make up one of the widest offers of warehouse solutions in the country.


Top locations

Choosing a location for each of our parks is preceded by an in-depth analysis of the potential offered by the given region. Our presence invariably entails access to strategic traffic routes, connecting the largest cities in Poland. Panattoni logistics centres provide the optimal warehouse facilities for our customers’ supply chains – close to industrial centres, with easy access to a qualified labour pool, near transit routes and in the direct vicinity of major transport interchanges, including roads and motorways.



Environmental protection has always been one of priority issues in Panattoni’s operations. We embrace our responsibility for the natural environment and that is why we keep working on developing new, safer solutions, which at the same time reduce the running costs of buildings and the carbon footprint. Panattoni’s specialists propose alternative solutions – offering energy-savings, higher efficiency and invaluable benefits for the natural environment. The choice is always up to the customer.