Panattoni Europe was the first developer in Poland to recognise a need for industrial facilities designed and constructed for a dedicated user.

These so-called build-to-suit (BTS) investments, in contrast to available speculative space, are very flexible in terms of:
  • location – facilities can be developed on real estate within the developer’s land bank or the client’s real estate. The most advanced formula of BTSes are projects which are executed based on the purchase of land, which is accepted by the clients in terms of conducting business activity;
  • size of industrial space – depends on the client’s operating needs;
  • size of office space – the standard provides that 2 m² of floor space and 13 m³ of cubature is earmarked for one employee;
  • type of cooperation – the possibilities are either to lease, build for the client to own (build-to-own, BTO) or construct in order to subsequently sell the investment to a client;
  • purpose of industrial facility – warehouse-sorting plant, light production, heavy production, which will take place on the real estate that is the object of the investment. In keeping with the client’s wishes we prepare and coordinate the technological and technical infrastructure used for operating processes.

See examples of BTS developments

The aim of the cooperation is to execute an investment upon acknowledging the specific needs of a tenant, in order to maximize storage space, optimize production and adapt the space to the technical requirements of conducted business (e.g. specialist technical space, conveyor belts, sorting devices, technological production lines, non-standard needs for electricity or specific location).

The client has the possibility of shaping the space they are to lease from the very beginning. Thanks to the BTS system the client defines the plans according to their own needs – the project can be executed exactly in keeping with their requirements. The tenant is free to create office or warehouse space modules, thanks to which they receive as much space as is needed, designed in such a way that it can be used most efficiently.

The construction of BTS projects takes place in an optimal timeframe, adjusted to the type of project and client preferences.

Advantages of BTS solutions: 
  • choice of convenient location and investment form
  • cooperation with a dedicated BTS team
  • savings in terms of investment and operating costs
  • advice on optimizing logistic processes
  • solutions adjusted to the client’s industry profile

To date we have executed various types of BTS projects among others for: Amazon, Coty Cosmetics, DSV, DPD, Flextronics, GE, H&M, Kellogs, K-flex, Knauff Industries, Leroy Merlin, ND Logistic, Orsay, Pilkington, Piotr i Paweł, Recticel Komfort Snu, Stenmot-2, Sauer Danfoss and UPS.