BTS Reuss Seifert

BTS Reuss Seifert

Reuss Seifert is one of the main suppliers of components for the building industry in the German market. The investment emerged as a result of the relocation and expansion of operations carried out at four factories and one warehouse in Germany, as well as the consolidation of production and warehousing in Poland. In the 30,000-square-metre facility, production space with the warehousing section takes up more than 28,700 sqm and is divided into zones corresponding to product lines made of metal, plastic and concrete, such as reinforcement elements, plastic and metal spacers, formwork accessories and lintels.

The facility is built on a site with an area in excess of 9.8 ha in Nowa Sól, at the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone, and the construction proceeded in two stages. The project is developed in Nowa Sól, at the Kostrzyn-Słubice Special Economic Zone, near the S3 expressway, and is the latest addition in the developer’s portfolio in the Lubuskie region.

Total area
30 000 sqm
Production area
28 700 sqm
Office area
1 500 sqm

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BTS Reuss Seifert
Nowa Sól

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