BTS Kongsberg Koluszki

BTS Kongsberg Koluszki

The project developed for Kongsberg – a global manufacturer of parts and components for the automotive sector, including seat comfort systems and suspension systems – is used chiefly to make parts for trucks. The manufacturing processes at the new facility of Kongsberg Automotive are automated and executed by machines, with the use of industrial robots.

Automotive businesses ─ like Kongsberg Automotive ─ constitute a very important group of tenants/owners of facilities developed by Panattoni Europe. Thanks to its flexible and diverse solutions, Panattoni attracts the manufacturers of car components, interior furnishings, as well as car parts distributors, supporting them with knowledge and experience in dedicated BTS investments.

The investment for Kongsberg Automotive was built in Central Poland – in an industrial area of Koluszki, within the Łódź Special Economic Zone.

Total area
16 322 sqm
Warehouse area
2 044 sqm
Production area
13 555 sqm
Office area
723 sqm

Regional Accessibility

BTS Kongsberg Koluszki

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