Panattoni Park Września

Panattoni Park Września

Panattoni Park Września offers modern production and warehouse space in an excellent location near a strategic interchange on the A2 motorway at the Września Economic Activity Zone. The location is clearly visible from the motorway, and so guarantees fast road connections to major domestic sales markets. The region is growing dynamically and attracts many investors. Not far from here, on an adjacent site, one of Volkswagen’s largest production facilities was built.

Panattoni Park Września comprises two buildings with a total space of more than 16,000 sqm. The units can be adapted flexibly, so that the park can accommodate the needs of customers representing diverse industries.

Existing area
5 300 sqm
Total planned area
16 539 sqm

Regional Accessibility

Panattoni Park Września


Września is a new location on Panattoni’s industrial space map in the Greater Poland region. Września is situated in the middle of the most important communication routs in Europe, which starts in French Brittany and ends in Moscow. Thanks to almost identical distances separating it from Warsaw and Berlin, the region becomes one of the most attractive investment destinations in Poland.

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