BTS Hydroline

BTS Hydroline

Hydroline - a pioneer and leader in the field of hydraulic drive equipment in Finland is also growing in Poland. The company responds to the dynamic increase in orders by increasing its production capacity. That is why the company decided to build a production facility located in Stargard, in the vicinity of the current factory. As a result, the company has retained experienced staff and cooperation with sub-suppliers. The new facility was built in seven months, and its completion was scheduled for the first production plant, so that the relocation would not affect the operation of the production lines.

The new factory occupies nearly 13 thousand. sqm area, which includes an industrial zone and 1 thousand. sqm social and office space. The new facility is three times the size of the previous one.

The industrial zone covers over 12 thousand. sq m and is prepared for future expansion. This part of the building is equipped with: a compressed air room, a painting room and a forklift battery room. The floor load is up to 7t / sqm, and due to human work, skylights have been installed, which account for 12.5% ​​of the roof surface. The LED illumination has also been increased to 500 lux. The social and office part takes up nearly 1 thousand. sq m. The planned employment is 110 people.

Total area
13 000 sqm
Warehouse area
1 000 sqm
Production area
12 000 sqm

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BTS Hydroline


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