Panattoni Park Stargard

Panattoni Park Stargard

Panattoni Park Stargard is to be built on ul. Metalowa in the town’s suburbs. Three buildings are to be constructed on a 30 ha plot with each buildings comprising just over 57,000 sqm. Tenants from different industries will be able to take advantage of the flexible modules that can be used either for warehousing or production purposes. The park is to be certified under BREEAM with a rating of ‘Very Good’ showing that it meets the highest environmental standards. As a result, tenants can count on the centre's operational costs being decidedly lower especially with water and electricity bills. The developer is also to take care of the natural environment around the park and of the well-being of the workers.

The park will just be 34 km from the A6, which is the extension of the German A11 motorway, connecting Szczecin with Berlin as part of the international E28 route, which leads on to Russia (Kaliningrad), Lithuania and Belarus. In Szczecin, the A6 also joins with the S3 expressway, which runs the length of Poland's Western border, from the Szczecin-Świnoujście seaports to the border with the Czech Republic in the south. It is part of the international E65 corridor, which joins Sweden with southern Europe. The S10 is also not far from Stargard and it joins the seaports with the Warsaw urban area (583 km). Not far from the park the Szczecin-Goleniów airport is also planned. The park is only 45 km from the city centre of the region’s administrative capital, Szczecin.

Existing area
0 sqm
Total planned area
172 000 sqm

Regional Accessibility

Panattoni Park Stargard

34 km from the A6, which is the extension of the German A11 motorway

45 km from the city centre of Szczecin

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