International versus local

Panattoni has a proven international track record in the development and management of industrial, office and build-to-suit projects. While enjoying the benefits of an international development firm, operational and financial responsibilities remain at the local market level. This local presence is a key success factor for the company, providing in-depth local market knowledge and relationships and generating a wide base of business opportunities.

Our maxim is international vision with a local focus. It is a principle that we live by and fulfill to the fullest thanks to our world-wide presence. As part of the Panattoni Development Company, we enjoy the benefits of international know-how of the entire group. This structure enables us to react flexibly and competently in each individual market. Our clients profit together with us from our flexible financial structures coupled with a well-established market position. International expertise and contacts coupled with local presence and partnerships are the cornerstone of our comprehensive warehouse and logistics solutions.


Flexible structure

Established by Carl Panattoni in the USA, the family business offers not only easy access to the company management and fast-track decision-making, but also a global network of business subsidiaries, business affiliates and partners. Thanks to our strong market presence, we provide you with the best care, advice and execution of your projects anywhere in the world. Our flexible financial structure and stable position in the industry helps us to adjust to the changes that are taking place on the market. In addition, the efficiency of our activity together with prompt decisions, a network of contacts with local and foreign counterparties as well as presence in the whole of Poland are assets that make up one of the widest offers of warehouse solutions in the country.


Sustainable Development

Panattoni has always been inspired by excellence, and its sustainability practices are no exception. As a global citizen the company works hard to steward the world’s resources with care. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), Panattoni Development Company consistently places a high priority on creating projects that meet Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) standards. Through a team of in-house LEED certified professionals, Panattoni has completed nearly 1 m sqm of buildings that have achieved LEED certification. Panattoni embraces its responsibility to operate in a manner that protects the environment in order to support the company’s long-term goals and the goals of its partners, investors and clients.


Client experience

Panattoni’s commitment to constructing high-quality industrial products has created significant brand loyalty amongst our many tenants and build-to-suit clients. Panattoni’s client list includes more than 2500 international, national and regional companies, many of which have completed multiple assignments with Panattoni.



Our Clients